Halo Headlines – 2/10/10

  • The Story: A look at Jered Weaver’s splitsThe Monkey Says: The piece focuses on Weaver’s propensity for giving up a lot more homers on the flyballs he allows to lefties.  Even the stat geeks aren’t sure if it means anything, but they seem to think it is more of a fluke which would actually be good news for Weaver as he continues his development into a potential ace.
  • The Story: Buster Olney ranks the Angel rotation as the fourth best in the majorsThe Monkey Says: The Angels may lack a megastar pitcher, but they have great depth and Olney hits it right on the head when he says that a bounceback year from Ervin Santana is huge to the success of the Angel rotation.
  • The Story: Tim Salmon has a book due for release on April 1stThe Monkey Says: No, it doesn’t appear to be a joke either, so if you were a fan of the King Fish go ahead and pre-order the book if you want to be one of the first to read his memoirs.
  • The Story: FanGraphs unveils their Top 10 Angel ProspectsThe Monkey Says: Aren’t we done with these lists yet?  FanGraphs does seem to have a lot of faith still in Jordan Walden who has fallen way down most prospect lists due to his recent injury issues.
  • The Story: The Angels have unveiled a new billboard that simply says “Tradition.”  The Monkey Says: Looks like “Tradition” is the new team slogan for 2010.  I am not sure exactly how much tradition the Halos really have prior to the hiring of Mike Scioscia, but maybe that is what they are focusing on.  Either way, it is a MUCH better slogan than “Fan Strong.”
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