Halo Headlines – 2/1/10

  • The Story: The PECOTA projections released last week were flawed.   The Monkey Says: Looks like someone forgot to carry a decimal point.  Somehow they didn’t notice that something was messed up when the Nationals were predicted to finish over .500 but the Angels were supposed to finish as one of the worst teams in baseball.
  • The Story: The CAIRO projections have the Angels finishing at .500 and second in the AL West.   The Monkey Says: Really, I don’t know why I even bother to look at statistical projections relating to the Angels because they always sell them short.
  • The Story: The Angels are showing interest in bringing Garret Anderson back as a reserve.   The Monkey Says: Dear God, no!  GA has been below league average at the plate for years now and is a disaster in the field.  Even worse, if the Halos signed him, I fear Mike Scioscia wouldn’t be able to resist overusing him simply because he is a veteran.
  • The Story: Joe Saunders agreed to a one-year, $3.7 million deal with the Angels, avoiding arbitration.   The Monkey Says: I am a little surprised that Saundo didn’t sign a multi-year deal given how long this pact took to come together despite a minimal difference in arbitration submitted numbers between him and the club.  It also might be a smart decision since the Angels don’t really know what to expect from Saunders this season, much less the next few seasons.
  • The Story: Reggie Willits will compete for a job this spring.   The Monkey Says: I would be shocked if Reggie didn’t get the job after being such a loyal soldier since his solid 2007 rookie season.  He is nothing more than a reserve, but he is a versatile defender and excellent pinch-runner that the Angels should have more than a few good uses for.
  • The Story: Mike Scioscia shed some light on his plans for filling the leadoff hole vacated by Chone Figgins.   The Monkey Says: Sosh basically said it is Erick Aybar’s job to lose, though I know some people (and by some people, I mean myself) question his ability to get on base consistently, and that Bobby Abreu will not be considered for the gig because he is so good at driving in runs.
  • The Story: A profile of prospect Will Smith.   The Monkey Says: Just another one of the well thought of low-level pitching prospects in the Angel system.
  • The Story: A profile of prospect Carlos Ramirez.   The Monkey Says: The other Angels’ catching prospect.  Ramirez has potential, but  anyone should be especially wary of catchers being able to translate their tools all the way up the minor league ladder.
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