Halo Headlines – 2/3/10

  • The Story: The Angels have tough decisions to make with so many players out of optionsThe Monkey Says: Actually, the decisions aren’t that tough.  The only players really in trouble are Bobby Wilson and Terry Evans (assuming the team carries 12 pitchers or he gets beat out by Chris Pettit).
  • The Story: The Halos are ready for the lefty-heavy AL WestThe Monkey Says: The Angels do have plenty of right-handed pop, but if Kendry Morales and Hideki Matsui struggle against southpaws, the middle of the order isn’t going to look very good when facing lefties.
  • The Story: A profile of prospect Alexia AmaristaThe Monkey Says: With Howie Kendrick already in place, Maicer Izturis signed for three years and Jean Segura likely higher on the prospect totem pole, Amarista is going to have find a new position if he is going to be a major contributor in the big leagues.
Garrett Wilson

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