Halo Headlines – 2/4/10

  • The Story: The Angels announced their 27 non-roster Spring Training inviteesThe Monkey Says: The list includes nothing but Angel prospects like Trevor Reckling and Hank Conger and a handful of Quadruple-A type players.  Barring an unforeseen injury to an established player, none of the invitees have a legit chance at breaking camp with the big league club.
  • The Story: Which Angel great deserves the bronze statue treatmentThe Monkey Says: The Halos are one of the few teams without such a monument at the stadium, but nobody really jumps out at me as a logical choice.  Maybe Tim Salmon, but I don’t really feel like he had the kind of legendary career that is deserving of such an honor.
  • The Story: What to do about filling out the benchThe Monkey Says: I tackled this issue a last week and disagree that the Angels are going to carry three catchers, nor do I think the Angels keep Matt Palmer on the roster as the safer option is for him to stay in the minor league rotation so he can remain stretched out should injury strike.
  • The Story: The Angels are loaded at catcherThe Monkey Says: Deep, yes, loaded… not so much.  Napoli can hit but can’t catch, Mathis can catch but can’t hit, Wilson is nothing more than a back-up, Budde is a very poor man’s Napoli and Conger isn’t ready.  The franchise is well set-up to have a quality backstop or two down the line, but right now, things are a little more suspect.
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