Halo Headlines – 2/9/10

  • The Story: Scot Shields will not be fully healthy when Spring Training opens next weekThe Monkey Says: Well that is certainly unexpected.  It doesn’t sound like Shields is too far off from being ready to throw again, but it certainly is an ominous way for Shields to kickoff his comeback season.
  • The Story: Outfielder Chris Pettit is hoping to be fully recovered from a labrum injury by the start of campThe Monkey Says: If Pettit isn’t 100% healthy during Spring Training he isn’t going to win the final roster spot, but that would probably be a good thing for Pettit who looks to me like he needs another year of seasoning before he sticks in the big leagues.
  • The Story: A look back at the Angels’ last few draft classesThe Monkey Says: Maybe I am just drinking the Angel prospect Kool-Aid, but the Halos have done an excellent job of restocking the minor league cupboard through the draft recently and I can’t help but wonder if the decision to let guys like Chone Figgins and John Lackey walk away isn’t partially prompted by a desire to get early draft pick compensation back in return.
  • The Story: A profile of prospect Trevor BellThe Monkey Says: Bell got a brief look in the bigs last year and failed to really impress, so he maintains prospect status though his ability to work as a starter and a reliever gives him a shot of getting called up to the majors again at some point this year.
  • The Story: A profile of prospect Jean SeguraThe Monkey Says: Segura is one of the few real star potential players in the Angels’ minor league system, but be wary of getting too excited about Segura as he is still in Single-A and if we have learned nothing from Brandon Wood it is that massive success in the low-levels of the minors doesn’t always translate to a meteoric rise to stardom.
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