Halo Headlines – 3/1/10

  • The Story: The Angels had the 20th best off-season in baseballThe Monkey Says: Hard to argue with that right now, but the real proof will be in the pudding when the games start getting played as Matsui and Pineiro have the ability to make Tony Reagins either look really smart or really stupid.
  • The Story: Kendry Morales still isn’t in camp due to visa issuesThe Monkey Says: And now Mike Scioscia is getting real frustrated with the situation.  We are also now drifting in the territory of K-Mo possibly being affected by a late start to his spring, though he is more than likely working out privately.  What I want to know is why these visa issues crop up every year for players?  Is it the player’s fault or is the government just a pain in the ass?
  • The Story: The Angels still haven’t decided who their new TV play-by-play guy will beThe Monkey Says: There is a lot of speculation going around on the web pertaining to this issue, but really it is just people making barely educated guesses.  The team has to make a decision soon though, so stay tuned.
  • The Story: Joel Pineiro is working on getting his sinker locked in early in campThe Monkey Says: I am mildly concerned to hear that if only because it is his bread and butter pitcher, then again, I can certainly live with a pitcher who is complaining his pitch is moving “too much.”
  • The Story: An ode to Reggie Willits’ bunting skillsThe Monkey Says: This piece inadvertently points out why Willits is a lock to make the roster out of camp: bunting.  Scioscia loves small ball and having a weapon like Willits off the bench as a bunter and base stealer is right in Scioscia’s wheelhouse, so I don’t see any possible scenario short of Reggie sleeping with Scioscia’s wife and/or daughter that results in Willits not making the team.
  • The Story: The only true conclusion to the leadoff hitter dilemma is to go with Erick AybarThe Monkey Says: And that will most likely be the case to start the season though Sosh has gone on record already saying that he will mix in Izturis at leadoff on a fairly regular basis as well.
  • The Story: Joe Saunders feels much better heading into camp than he did last seasonThe Monkey Says: This should be encouraging news in Joe’s battle with shoulder fatigue, but then again, he lied about his shoulder issues for most of last season, so why should I trust him now?
  • The Story: Robb Quinlan wants a second chanceThe Monkey Says: No offense, Q, but you don’t deserve one.  Quinlan hasn’t hit southpaws for a few years now and is at best a below average defender wherever he plays, so I am not real sure what he brings to the table anymore.
  • The Story: A guide to making a trip to see the Angels in Spring TrainingThe Monkey Says: If you are thinking about making such a trip, I highly recommend it.  I went for the first time last year and am now making it an annual tradition because it was so much fun.
  • The Story: Angel prospect Mark Trumbo will get a look in the outfieldThe Monkey Says: It couldn’t hurt to try since 1B is clearly blocked for the young slugger now.  It isn’t like Trumbo was ever considered a defensive asset at first anyway, so the Angels are smart to try and find a spot on the field for his bat.
  • The Story: Mike Scioscia actually ran the bases with the team in workouts recentlyThe Monkey Says: Photos included, these might be more rare than photos of the Loch Ness Monster giving Bigfoot a piggy back ride.
  • The Story: Jered Weaver’s platoon splits might just be a flukeThe Monkey Says: That is certainly good news but doesn’t do anything to allay concerns over Weaver’s extreme flyball tendencies which definitely aren’t a fluke.
  • The Story: Erick Aybar hopes to win a Gold Glove this seasonThe Monkey Says: Good luck with that.  Gold Glove voting is a total sham, so that even if Aybar is far and away the best fielding shortstop, he’ll still lose in the voting to the horrendous-fielding Derek Jeter because Jeter is more popular.
  • The Story: Jason Bulger’s curveball is the key to his successThe Monkey Says: I had no idea that Bulger threw a curve more often than any pitcher has in several years.  I just wonder if it will continue working once players learn that he throws it so often in non-traditional curveball counts.
  • The Story: Check out Torii Hunter’s new commercial for Dick’s Sporting GoodsThe Monkey Says: I like it, but how the hell is Ken Griffey Jr. still in commercials?  Is the ad agency aware that it isn’t 1997 anymore?
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