Halo Headlines – 3/11/10

  • The Story: Torii Hunter thinks Latin American players are “impostors.”   The Monkey Says: Nothing like a little racial tension to start the spring, eh?  I see the point that Torii is trying to make here, that there is a woeful lack of black players in baseball and that it doesn’t get enough attention, but he really picked some very unfortunate phrases in the process, especially the “conspiracy theory” part.
  • The Story: A response to Torii Hunter over the negative response his comments created.   The Monkey Says: Hunter clearly regrets his choice of words and considering the tremendous amount of character he has displayed throughout his career, I think everyone should probably just let him off the hook for this one.
  • The Story: Dusty Baker comes to Torii’s defense.   The Monkey Says: Baker was part of the panel discussion where Torii made his remarks and as a highly respected member of the MLB family, having Baker side with Hunter should help ease whatever tension his comments created.
  • The Story: Would the Angels be interested in signing 1B/DH Mike Sweeney?   The Monkey Says: An interesting theory, but I don’t think the Angels would be interested in bringing him in this late into training camp, nor do I imagine they feel like they need a right-handed complement to Hideki Matsui (let’s be honest, if they need to sit Matsui, Scioscia will just use Maicer Izturis).
  • The Story: The Angels TV schedule has been released.   The Monkey Says: All 162 games will be televised this year with the same arrangement that most games will be on Fox Sports West with almost all Sunday games being broadcast on KCOP.
  • The Story: Terry Evans is relaxed while competing for a bench job with the Angels.   The Monkey Says: He might want to be a little more nervous since he probably won’t be getting the gig.  Reggie Willits gives the Angels more versatility off the bench, but there is a chance that Mike Scioscia is more interested in having someone with some pop off the bench.  It also wouldn’t kill him to pick up a first baseman’s mitt if he wants to improve his chances.
  • The Story: Scott Kazmir looked fine in his simulated game yesterday.   The Monkey Says: I’m guessing that he didn’t have to field any simulated bunts, otherwise the reviews might not be quite so glowing.
  • The Story: Jason Bulger and Kevin Jepsen are a lethal duo.   The Monkey Says: Just a tad hyperbolic for two middle relievers who each have just one good half season of pro ball to their credit, don’t you think?  I get the point though as Bulger and Jepsen can really give the Angels back the depth they are accustomed to if they build upon the second half success they both enjoyed last year.
  • The Story: Wood’s hard knocks might be ending.   The Monkey Says: The sad part is that the “might” is still necessary until Mike Scioscia officialy declares him the starting third baseman and removes the specter of a Wood/Izturis platoon.
  • The Story: Jeff Mathis and Mike Napoli have an uncanny knack for avoiding GIDPs.   The Monkey Says: I am sure if they spend enough time around Juan Rivera they will catch up in no time.  I think this stat sounds like more of a fluke though.
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