Halo Headlines – 3/15/10

  • The Story: Mike Scioscia doesn’t really pay much attention to any advanced statistics.   The Monkey Says: Hopefully someone in the organization does because while Mike Scioscia is clearly an old school manager, sabermetrics aren’t something you can just wholly ignore if the club is to remain competitive on an annual basis.
  • The Story: The Angels aren’t ready to let Hideki Matsui play the field just yet.   The Monkey Says: The problem is that they are even considering letting Hideki play the field even though there is nothing for them to gain by letting him do so since he is a crappy fielder who would only be in the field, risking further injury for the sake of his own personal pride.
  • The Story: Erick Aybar is not playing due to arm stiffness.   The Monkey Says: Don’t be alarmed, this is just a precaution as Scioscia says Aybar would be playing if it were the regular season.
  • The Story: Bobby Abreu was scratched from a recent game with tightness in his side.   The Monkey Says: As long as it is only his side and not his back then there isn’t much to worry about, at least for now.  These aches and pains are just a standard part of Spring Training.
  • The Story: A strained hamstring has sidelines Reggie Willits.   The Monkey Says: Depending on the severity, this injury could cost Reggie the backup outfielder job which now is likely a battle between Terry Evans and Michael Ryan.  If the injury is severe enough, the Angels could get clever and stash Reggie on the DL and let him start the season there before going on extended rehab in the minors before deciding whether or not to call him up or pass him through waivers, which might give the Halos a chance of sneaking him through waivers and staying with the club.
  • The Story: Howie Kendrick is primed for an above-average year.   The Monkey Says: And by above-average they mean a potential batting average crown.  Kendrick certainly has the talent, but at some point everyone needs to give up on this batting champion thing and just let him be.  It is either going to happen or it isn’t and talking about it one way or another won’t accomplish anything.
  • The Story: Mathematician Bruce Bukiet predicts the Angels will win just 80 games.    The Monkey Says: A statistical projection system predicting the Angels will stink?  I don’t believe it.  At some point though, we all have to put some credence in the fact that no major statistical system expects much from the Angels this year, whether we like it or not.
  • The Story: Bloomberg Sports projects Kendry Morales to hit over .300 with 32 home runs.   The Monkey Says: Well at least some nerds aren’t painting a total doomsday scenario for the Angels, especially since so many projections are down on LAA because they think Morales’ power is going to dry up this year.
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