Halo Headlines – 3/19/10

  • The Story: The Angels reassigned seven players to minor league campThe Monkey Says: Hank Conger, Travis Chick, Robert Mosebach, Francisco Rodriguez, Rich Thompson, Andrew Romine and Mark Trumbo all got sent down.  Conger is the big name here, but he isn’t close to major league ready, so his demotion was expected.  The only mild surprise here is Thompson, who has seen big league action the last few years, getting sent down so early which I think shows how far down the bullpen depth chart he is in comparison to some of the other Angel prospects.  The Halos now have 41 players remaining in camp.
  • The Story: Mike Scioscia is evasive about when Hideki Matsui might play the fieldThe Monkey Says: That is a real 180 from the way Sosh had been talking about that particular notion in recent weeks.  Has he finally seen the light and realized Matsui is a wretched fielder?  Gosh, I hope so, but it is probably too good to be true.
  • The Story: Brian Fuentes is trying to recover his velocityThe Monkey Says: It is great the Tito knows what his problem is, but it is concerning that he doesn’t know for certain what caused it.  I say if he isn’t regularly hitting 93 on the gun by the end of the spring, he be automatically demoted to middle relief.
  • The Story: Scot Shields is banking on a return to formThe Monkey Says: The word “banking” is an interesting unintentional conclusion in the article title that I think is worth talking about.  Not only is Shields attempting to comeback from injury, but it is also a contract year for Scot so he has a little bit of extra motivation to get his act together in time to cash in on one last nice contract before he has to call it a career.
  • The Story: Jeff Mathis hopes to build on his post-season success at the plateThe Monkey Says: This continues to be the most preposterous notion in training camp.  Mathis isn’t going to suddenly become an offensive threat because he got hot for one week back in October.  At best, he will be just below average with the bat rather than absolutely terrible like he has been his entire career in the majors.
  • The Story: Maicer Izturis is more than just a utility playerThe Monkey Says: And doesn’t Mike Scioscia know it!  While he may be starting the season on the bench for the Angels, don’t think for one minute that Sosh won’t find creative ways to get Maicer as many at-bats as possible.
  • The Story: Texas manager Ron Washington tested positive for cocaineThe Monkey Says: This isn’t really Angel news but more just a great opportunity to point and laugh at the Rangers.  Good luck unseating the Angels as the top team in the AL West with a cokehead for a manager.
  • The Story: Kevin Jepsen looks like a sleeperThe Monkey Says: Sleeper?  How about you wake me when he can get left-handed hitters out before we start talking about him being a sleeper.
  • The Story: Check out the Angels’ All-Decade TeamThe Monkey Says: What?  No Shawn Wooten as token fat guy of the decade?  I call shenanigans.
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