Halo Headlines – 3/24/10

  • The Story: Ervin Santana was scratched from his Tuesday start because of an inflamed elbow.   The Monkey Says: The Angels claim Ervin bumped his elbow at home before the game and that he is sitting out as a precaution and that it has nothing to do with the elbow problems he had all of last season.  Yeah, right.  I’m sure that is the same excuse they will use when Santana has to start the season on the DL… again.
  • The Story: Michael Ryan is hoping to make the Angels roster.   The Monkey Says: And it looks like is probably going to get the job, especially if he proves to be a capable back-up at first base, thus solving the Angels’ need for another corner infielder and maybe an extra outfielder but only really having one spot to address those needs with.
  • The Story: Jeff Mathis and Mike Napoli share more than a job.   The Monkey Says: Ah, yes, the obligatory story about how Naps and Mathis are like totally BFFs and junk.  Apparently this great friendship doesn’t involve a whole lot of them cross-training each other since Mathis still can’t hit and Napoli still can’t play defense.
  • The Story: Hideki Matsui’s knees feel fine after his fielding debut on Monday.   The Monkey Says: The Halos smartly gave Godzilla the day off on Tuesday just to make sure.  The fact that everyone even had to ask Matsui how his knees felt just underscores what a big health risk the team is taking by giving him opportunities to play in the outfield.
  • The Story: Some strange spring training stats.   The Monkey Says: Yup, that’s right, Sean Rodriguez leads the majors in home runs this spring.  Angel prospect-head may now commence ranting.
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