Halo Headlines – 3/30/10

  • The Story: One reporter’s take on Brandon Wood.   The Monkey Says: It is nice to see more and more people taking a practical approach to their expectations for Brandon Wood this season.  Of course, it won’t really matter if Mike Scioscia doesn’t demonstrate the same kind of patience with Wood.
  • The Story: Pitching stability returns to the Angels.   The Monkey Says: Or maybe the author of that article should have waited until Scott Kazmir proved he was healthy first.  The rotation will definitely be more stable than last year, but the least we could do is make sure that the team’s potential top pitcher isn’t going to start the year on the DL before we start touting the stability of the rotation.
  • The Story: The MLB Network announces their April schedule.   The Monkey Says: And the Angels are getting three broadcasts committed to them, a strong sign of respect that ESPN wasn’t willing to show when they set up their national schedule earlier this spring.
  • The Story: A few Angels spring training observations.   The Monkey Says: One of those observations is that it might be worth worrying about Brandon Wood’s strikeout rate.  I don’t think that is a huge deal though since the whiffs were something the Angels were well aware of when they committed to him this year.  He showed real progress on cutting down his Ks last year in Triple-A and he should be able to keep it under control this year despite what the small sample size of spring training suggests.
  • The Story: The Angels face some tough roster decisions this weekend.   The Monkey Says: Reggie Willits and Michael Ryan have the inside track on the final roster spots and Terry Evans has a shot at making the team if the Halos opt to carry just 11 pitchers to start the year.
  • The Story: Peter Gammons is sold on Brandon Wood being the Angels’ full-time third baseman.   The Monkey Says: What?  Gammons knows something about teams that aren’t the Boston Red Sox?
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