Halo Headlines – 3/3/10

  • The Story: Kendry Morales is finally in campThe Monkey Says: It is about damn time, I just hope that Kendry stayed in shape while he was waiting around for his visa to get processed.  Lord knows K-Mo loves him some fast food.
  • The Story: Scot Shields is finally throwing off a mound againThe Monkey Says: The Angels are taking it really slow with Shields, but Mike Scioscia has made a few allusions to him being one of the primary set-up man and even getting a handful of save opportunities, so the team can’t possibly be too worried about him.
  • The Story: How to handle Brandon Wood? The Monkey Says: The proper way to handle Woody is to let him play every day so that his big swing can stay in tune, but we all know Mike Scioscia is going to give Maicer Izturis plenty of ABs at third base no matter how detrimental to Wood that strategy is.
  • The Story: Hideki Matsui is doing well in the fieldThe Monkey Says: Well compared to what?  Matsui has been one of the worst outfield defenders in baseball the last few years, so all he has to do is not let the ball hit him in the face and it would Hideki would be defending beyond normal expectations.
  • The Story: Scott Kazmir has reunited with his nasty stuffThe Monkey Says: This is a total puff piece, but it still gets me excited to hear that Kazmir is looking sharp.
  • The Story: Whatever role he ends up with is fine for Matt PalmerThe Monkey Says: Let’s see how fine he is with it if he gets demoted to Triple-A should the Halos decide to carry only 11 pitchers.  On a side note, someone should tell Palmer to be a little more careful when talking about how he “likes to go both ways.”
  • The Story: The Angels are among four team boycotting the Cactus League breakfastThe Monkey Says: Oh!  Wicked burn!!  You showed those Arizona politicians.  They’ll think twice before they pass any additional ticket surcharges for fear that someone else won’t show up to eat some pancakes.
  • The Story: Historic and projected statistics paint a dark picture for Brandon WoodThe Monkey Says: If you are like me and are really hoping for big things from Brandon Wood, just go ahead and skip this article because it is pretty damn depressing.
  • The Story: Hank Conger is excited to be sharing a room with Hideki MatsuiThe Monkey Says: I’m sure you are probably thinking that Conger looks up to Matsui because they are both Asian, but I think it is probably more because Matsui has a kick ass porno collection.
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