Halo Headlines – 3/9/10

  • The Story: Kendry Morales made his spring debut yesterdayThe Monkey Says: K-Mo had two run-scoring hits and helped the Angels win their first game of Spring Training.  Hmmm, Kendry returns and the Angels win for the first time, that can’t be a coincidence.
  • The Story: The Angels reunited with Vladimir Guerrero for the first time yesterdayThe Monkey Says: It isn’t like I didn’t know that Vlad signed with Texas, but it really cut me deep to see Guerrero wearing a Texas Ranger uniform.
  • The Story: Kevin Jepsen, Scot Shields and Scott Kazmir will all pitch simulated games this weekThe Monkey Says: I’ve always wanted to see a simulated game.  I’ve always imagined that it was like one of the simulations in the Danger Room of Professor Xavier’s mansion.  Or maybe I just need to stop reading comic books.  Oh yeah, this is good news as all three have been slowed by injuries early in camp.
  • The Story: Former MLB GM (and current alleged embezzler) Jim Bowden interviews Tony Reagins and three other GMsThe Monkey Says: The most notable point that Reagins’ makes is that he is not concerned about their lack of a left middle reliever.  I tend to agree with him in that the Angels have a collection of highly effective righties who can get lefties out but I also partly think it won’t be a problem once Brian Fuentes loses his closer job, freeing himself up to be used as more of a situational southpaw.
  • The Story: Joe Saunders = Zach Greinke?  Not quiteDaily Links f.  The Monkey Says: Ah yes, the popular but blissfully ignorant notion that Saunders just wins games.  How is it that some people can so willfully keep ignoring advanced statistics?
  • The Story: Troy Percival visited Angels camp this weekThe Monkey Says: Percy was back as a guest instructor.  I’m not sure what he has to teach besides “just throw a really hard fastball” every time, but it is still nice to see Percival anyway.
  • The Story: Catching up with Hank CongerThe Monkey Says: It is a pretty vanilla interview with young Hank, but it is good to hear him talk about how his shoulder is finally feeling fully healthy again.  His defense and health are the only things holding him back right now and if he can put those concerns behind him this year, he could be in Anaheim on Opening Day 2011.
  • The Story: Taking the next step with Peter BourjosThe Monkey Says: Interesting projections though they obviously aren’t scientific or anything.  My concern is more with where and when Bourjos will play when he reaches the majors since Torii Hunter is blocking him from center field for at least the next three years.
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