Halo Headlines – 4/1/10

  • The Story: Jered Weaver is poised to start Opening Day after a dominating start on Wednesday.   The Monkey Says: Well, I guess he was really just messing around with new pitches in all his other starts.  Expect Scioscia to make him the official Opening Day starter at some point tomorrow.
  • The Story: Reggie Willits is likely to start the season on the 15-day disabled list.   The Monkey Says: I totally called this.  Willits would probably be healthy enough to start the season, but his injury allows the Halos to keep Terry Evans on the roster to start the season.  They will likely have to demote Evans when Willits gets healthy, but since we will be a few weeks into the season, he will most likely go unclaimed and thus be able to stay in the Angel farm system.
  • The Story: The Angels have released reliever Chad Orvella.   The Monkey Says: So much for that.  I thought Orvella could have been a nice gamble since he has some big league experience, but it looks like the Angels weren’t even impressed enough to keep him around as a farmhand.
  • The Story: Kendry Morales is a star on the rise.   The Monkey Says: Or at least that is what the Angels are banking on.  We have all seen some of the supposed experts talk about K-Mo’s stellar 2009 being a bit of a fluke, but if he can put up similar numbers this year, he could very well cement himself among the elite hitters in all of baseball.
  • The Story: Is the Angel offense more American League-style now?   The Monkey Says: The more appropriate question is whether or not it is more of a playoff-style offense?  The Halos have definitely been looking to add patience and power to the line-up, not to become more in line with their AL foes but rather to have more offensive versatility in the post-season where their bats have let them down so often.
  • The Story: 10 Angels prospects to watch in 2010.   The Monkey Says: As intriguing as Trevor Reckling is, I am definitely most curious to see what kind of Jordan Walden has as he was generally considered the team’s top pitching prospect before he was felled by arm problems.
  • The Story: The Big Lead previews and predicts the AL West.   The Monkey Says: They predict the Angels to win just 76 games.  They also still refer to the team as the Anaheim Angels, so take this prediction with about 200 billion grains of salt.
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