Halo Headlines – 4/13/10

  • The Story: Brandon Wood knows he is better than his numbers.   The Monkey Says: I’m glad he thinks so, but he isn’t the one that needs convincing.  If he doesn’t start doing something soon, Mike Scioscia is going to lose total faith in him.
  • The Story: Evaluating Scioscia’s managerial career so far.   The Monkey Says: The numbers pretty much show us what we all know, that Scioscia is headed for the Hall of Fame as a manager.
  • The Story: The Angels’ slow start has grounded Brian Fuentes.   The Monkey Says: Tito hasn’t appeared in a game for the Halos since Opening Day, which only makes the lousy performance of the Angel bullpen that much harder to cope with.  Now the question has to be if Fuentes is going to be rusty when he does get called upon again?
  • The Story: Hidelo Matsui doesn’t know how Yankee fans will greet him today.   The Monkey Says: Yankee fans can be ignorant buttheads, but even they know enough to give a big cheer for the guy who was the MVP of their latest World Series victory.  I just hope that when the Angels visit the Bronx for the first time next season, Matsui gets roundly booed because he led the Halos to a championship of their own.
  • The Story: Mike Scioscia opens up for fans.   The Monkey Says: Sosh entertained the crowd that showed up at ESPN’s Lunch With a Legend series.  Why am I not surprised that an event that involves Scioscia interacting with fans also heavily involves food.
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