Halo Headlines – 4/16/10

  • The Story: Maicer Izturis was a late scratch with a tight shoulder yesterday.   The Monkey Says: It doesn’t sound like anything major, but this is definitely a situation worth monitoring for the Angels because they don’t have any other infielders on the roster, but it is a good sign that the Halos haven’t called up someone like Freddy Sandoval yet.
  • The Story: Mike Napoli isn’t happy with his playing time.   The Monkey Says: Naps went so far as to ask for a meeting with Mike Scioscia.  This is really the first time we have ever seen one of the Angels’ catching duo get upset about playing time and I have to say that I am surprised it took this long.  The issue is still Napoli’s defense and it seems like it is going to be awhile before he gets those problems straightened out.  The question now is will his frustrations get the better of him first.
  • The Story: Torii Hunter keeps quiet about Jackie Robinson Day.   The Monkey Says: Hunter clearly is still gun shy about speaking to the press about racial issues after the minor firestorm his poorly worded comments about Latin Americans created this off-season.
  • The Story: Nine questions for Jered Weaver.   The Monkey Says: The only real interesting revelation is that Weaver thinks he is the only MLBer with an index toe that is longer than his big toe.  I hate to break it to you, Jered, but that isn’t that rare.  Everyone in my family has the same kind of toes.  In fact, my middle toe is longer than my big toe, too, which is why I can pick up rolls of quarters with my feet.  That actually comes in more handy than you think.
  • The Story: An MLB scout says Brandon Wood is awful and “has a swing like a sword-fighter.” The Monkey Says: Why don’t you tell us how you really feel?  Wood hasn’t been good early on, but he hasn’t looked that bad.  On the flip side, I think we just found a new nickname for Brandon.  I now dub thee The Swordsman.
  • The Story: How Joel Pineiro fell into the Angels’ lap.   The Monkey Says: This is actually becoming a very controversial story as the Mets are refuting much of the claim, but probably just to save face in yet another botched personnel move for that franchise.  Hopefully Joel really makes the Mets regret their foul up.
  • The Story: Age, not rust, is plaguing Scot Shields.   The Monkey Says: Somehow this is supposed to make Angel fans feel better?  If he was just rusty, there would at least be a chance of him turning things around, unless he has discovered a way to reverse aging, that is.
  • The Story: A fake trade idea for Mike Napoli and Frank Francisco.   The Monkey Says: This trade actually makes a lot of sense, but there is no way it is going to happen since the Angels and Rangers would never make a trade with each other in a year where they will both contend for the division crown.  The notion of trading away Mike Napoli might pick up steam though if Jeff Mathis continues to hold his own at the plate and stake his claim to being the primary catcher.
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