Halo Headlines – 4/20/10

  • The Story: Scott Kazmir hopes to join the fun.   The Monkey Says: Every other pitcher has been straight up awesome this turn through the rotation but Kazmir is coming off a horrid 2010 debut, so he is really going to have to get his act together if he wants to keep the streak of strong starts going.
  • The Story: Brian Fuentes is on track to return from the DL on Wednesday.   The Monkey Says: Fuentes made a rehab appearance in Rancho Cucamonga last night and checked out just fine.  Scioscia has promised that Fuentes will come back to the closer role despite Fernando Rodney’s success in that role since Tito went down to injury.  Let’s see how long that lasts.
  • The Story: Jeff Mathis is getting a new reputation thanks to his hot start.   The Monkey Says: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.  Two weeks of solid work with the bat doesn’t change anyone’s reputation, especially not a guy whose career average is barely over the Mendoza line.  We can revisit this discussion if he is still hitting this well at the end of June.
  • The Story: Mickey Mouse is invading the All-Star Game.   The Monkey Says: Plenty of Mickey-themed All-Star merchandise is being unveiled and I am sure there is much more to follow.  Hopefully the Halos don’t allow Disney to make too much of their presence felt when All-Star Weekend rolls around.
  • The Story: The Angels had a “yard sale” over the weekend.   The Monkey Says: Dammit, I missed it!  I really needed an eight-track player and an unsold Mo Vaughn jersey.
  • The Story: Joe Morgan “defends” Gary Matthews Junior.   The Monkey Says: Oh Joe Morgan, you foolish, foolish old man.  I don’t even think Gary Matthew Senior could defend GMJ’s tenure as an Angel.
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