Halo Headlines – 4/2/10

  • The Story: The Angels are expanding their radio reach for this season.   The Monkey Says: 830 AM KLAA and 710 AM KSPN are joining forces to share some Angel games and some ESPN programming.  This gives the Angels a greater radio presence in the LA area that Arte Moreno covets so much.
  • The Story: The AL West supremacy of the Halos hinges on Jered Weaver.   The Monkey Says: I don’t know if I would go that far, but Weaver is definitely important.  But even if he doesn’t become a real ace, the Angels still have plenty of rotation depth to win another division title.
  • The Story: Jeff Mathis was scratched on Thursday due to a bruised hand.   The Monkey Says: No worries though, Mathis should be just fine to start the season unless the Halos want to recycle the DL trick they are going to pull with Reggie Willits and have Mathis start the season on the DL so they can try and sneak Bobby Wilson through waivers in two weeks.  That seems unlikely though.
  • The Story: Torii Hunter believes the Angels are built to win.   The Monkey Says: What else is he going to say?  He is probably right though as this current Angel offense has more versatility than in previous seasons which should play well in the post-season.
  • The Story: Can anyone end the Angels’ reign?   The Monkey Says: Most media outlets have spent the off-season swinging from the Mariners’ nuts, so plenty of people certainly think so.
  • The Story: Welcome back Angels and Dodgers, LA needs you.   The Monkey Says: Can you see that Dodger fans?  Angels getting mentioned in the same breath as you and the LA baseball landscape.  We keep on creeping closer and closer to a day where the Angels are the dominant baseball franchise in Southern California.
  • The Story: The man who killed Nick Adenhart and others is trying to get his trial moved to new venue.   The Monkey Says: This scumbag can’t possibly think he is going to get any kind of different treatment anywhere else.  He was extremely intoxicated and has a long rap sheet of DUIs.  The only real venue question he should be asking himself is which circle of hell he is going to end up in when is miserable existence comes to an end.
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