Halo Headlines – 4/29/10

  • The Story: Mike Scioscia calls the Matsui strike call “mind-boggling.”   The Monkey Says: That call blew Sosh’s mind so much that he got ejected from the game and still can’t let it go.  I can’t say that Scioscia is wrong.
  • The Story: Hits are coming for Brandon Wood and so are errors.   The Monkey Says: Dick Wood has four errors so far this year, but at least one of them should have been saved by Kendry Morales who could have easily scooped a throw he bounced.  Wood does have a -0.6 UZR right now though, so he certainly has room for improvement and I think he will now that he is getting confident at the plate and not carrying his bad at-bats into the field with him.
  • The Story: Kevin Jepsen is taking his cutter to lefties.   The Monkey Says: Lefties torched Jepsen last season but he is finally figuring out how to use that cutter to neutralize southpaws.  If he keeps it up, he could easily be the Angels’ closer next season.
  • The Story: Bud Selig unveiled new rules for the All-Star Game.   The Monkey Says: The rule changes take effect immediately and were suggested by the special panel he put together that included Mike Scioscia.  The big changes are that there will always be a DH in the All-Star Game and that pitchers who start on Sunday won’t be allowed to pitch in the All-Star Game.  Also, the rosters have expanded from 33 to 34 (so that MLB can squeeze one more Yankee and/or Red Sox onto the roster).
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