Halo Headlines – 4/6/10

  • The Story: Evaluating Mike Scioscia (and Terry Francona).   The Monkey Says: Very cool stuff about Scioscia’s managing tendencies, especially his penchant for resting catchers but seldom resting his outfielders.
  • The Story: It is Generation Next for the Angels this year.   The Monkey Says: This will be a very curious year for the Angels as they look to blend a roster that consists of many youngsters but also many long-time veterans, but it will be the progress of the youngsters that most dictates how well the Angels perform this year.
  • The Story: A new season with old friends for Torii Hunter.   The Monkey Says: Torii still hearts the Twins but seems to be more at peace with his tenure in Minnesota being over now that he is a few years removed from his departure.
  • The Story: Will Matsuiland take off like Mannywood?   The Monkey Says: I like it.  I also feel like we could have thought up something more catchy than Matsuiland, but I guess it will have to do.
  • The Story: Mike Scioscia is confident Brandon Wood is ready.   The Monkey Says: I wonder if he still feels that way after seeing Wood look awful at the plate last night.
  • The Story: Mike Napoli’s defensive struggles will cost him playing time.   The Monkey Says: It should be a big time wake up call that Naps sat out in favor of Jeff Mathis on Opening Night all because of Napoli’s defensive issues.  Scioscia even comes close to admitting in this article that Mathis is at the top of the depth chart until proven otherwise.
  • The Story: Scott Kazmir was suprised to start the season on the DL.   The Monkey Says: Considering his long history of injuries, I find it hard to believe Kazmir is ever surprised to be on the disabled list, but this is certainly a good sign that Kaz was feeling so well that he thought he would avoid the DL altogether.
  • The Story: The Angels have streamlined their radio team.   The Monkey Says: For some reason the Angels are having Terry Smith announce all home games by himself, supposedly so Jose Mota can focus on his TV duties at home.  This is a very curious move, but the Angels have been pretty experimental with their announcing crews the last few years and maybe this move is so crazy that it might just work.
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