Halo Headlines – 4/8/10

  • The Story: Hideki Matsui will start in the outfield today.   The Monkey Says: This decision was sponsored by Bad Idea Jeans.  At least Scioscia is starting him in a game where groundball-aficionado Joel Pineiro will be the starting pitcher, lessening the potential work Godzilla might actually get in the field.
  • The Story: Maicer Izturis will get his first start of the season on Thursday.   The Monkey Says: Sosh isn’t saying what position he will play though but the smart money is on Izzy giving Brandon Wood a night off at third base.
  • The Story: The Angels made their prospect assignments yesterday.   The Monkey Says: Notable assignments were Hank Conger and Trevor Reckling heading to Triple-A Salt Lake where both can make a strong case to make the big league club next season with quality performances this year.  Meanwhile, super prospect Mike Trout will be starting in low-A Cedar Rapids, meaning the Angels have thus far resisted the urge to rush their potential star outfielder through the farm system which is probably a smart move.
  • The Story: Mike Napoli discusses his 2010 debut.   The Monkey Says: Naps wisely takes the high road when discussing the competition between him and BFF Jeff Mathis though I have to think that at some point the two of them are going to get tired of constantly battling for playing time.
  • The Story: We shouldn’t second guess Mike Scioscia when it comes to picking a catcher.   The Monkey Says: I violated that rule in a big way yesterday, so I should apologize, but I am not going to.  I actually think catcher is the one area where Sosh can’t be fully trusted because he has an overly biased view of the position and what he expects.
  • The Story: Matt Palmer is a man for all situations.   The Monkey Says: Or at least we hope so because Palmer is going to start this Friday but had a pretty awful spring training.  Palmer is going to have to prove early on this season that his 2009 success wasn’t a fluke for the journeyman pitcher.
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