Halo Headlines – 4/9/10

  • The Story: A look back at the Nick Adenhart tragedy.   The Monkey Says: For those who don’t know, this is the one-year anniversary of Adenhart’s untimely death.  Even one year later, it continues to be a story that makes all Angel fans feel immense sorrow. RIP, Nick.
  • The Story: What if each team could get a mulligan on one contract?   The Monkey Says: The piece speculates the Halos might want to escape from Brian Fuentes’ deal, but that was probably written before we all got to see Fernando Rodney give new meaning to the word “suck” last night.
  • The Story: The All-Star FanFest ticket hunt begins today at noon.   The Monkey Says: There is a scavenger hunt to win a free ticket package to the All-Star weekend festivities, so if you have the free time today, check out the MLB website or listen to AM 830 for clues.  Torii Hunter, Rod Carew and surely some other famous faces will be taking part in the FanFest activities in July, so the hunt is definitely well worth it.
  • The Story: Mike Scioscia thinks the 2010 Angel bullpen could be as good as the 2002 bullpen.   The Monkey Says: Oops!  Sosh might want to rethink that one after Stokes and Rodney imploded after he made those comments yesterday.
  • The Story: Jim Thome gives high praise to Bobby Abreu.   The Monkey Says: With all the glowing remarks current and former teammates have given Abreu the last few years, I can’t help but wonder if he doesn’t have a real future in coaching should he chose to pursue it.  All he really has to do is point to how much his mentoring has helped the Angels improve their plate discipline and he should be able to get a hitting coach job with any team at any time.
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