Halo Headlines – 5/20/10

  • The Story: Mike Scioscia isn’t going to  make a change at the hot corner.   The Monkey Says: He is insisting on keeping Maicer Izturis in his utility role which seems ill-advised since it is pretty clear by now that Brandon Wood isn’t going to be a reliable producer.  I’m sure Izturis will still get plenty of starts at third regardless, he just won’t be an everyday player which might actually be a good thing since he struggles to stay healthy when he plays too frequently.
  • The Story: Maicer Izturis won’t be ready to play this weekend.   The Monkey Says: That’s too bad because the Angels though he would be good to go, though it is probably better that gets additional rest if he isn’t 100% healthy yet.  While he won’t be starting, he should play a fair amount once he returns since Wood, Aybar and Kendrick are all falling short of expectations.
  • The Story: The Angels will be wearing new hats for their Memorial Day game.   The Monkey Says: All teams will be wearing similar hats which is unfortunate, because they are pretty much the opposite of cool-looking.
  • The Story: Brian Fuentes is still the closer… for now.   The Monkey Says: After a near blown save last night, Fuentes once again must battle for his job even if Scioscia is coming to his defense and even Sosh is starting to show some signs of doubt in Tito’s abilities.  Sosh is well aware of Brian’s struggles, but is refusing to take him out of the closer role to work on them even though it is likely to cost the team more wins.
  • The Story: Hideki Matsui won’t play much when the Angels go to St. Louis this weekend.   The Monkey Says: That actually sounds like a blessing in disguise for the slumping Godzilla.  Taking three days off might let him clear his head and rest his body and set him up to get his season back on track after the series.
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