Halo Headlines – 5/21/10

  • The Story: Have the Angels lost patience with Brandon Wood?   The Monkey Says: No, but they are getting there.  Wood is being given some time on the bench to try and clear his head, but it sounds to me like it might be an act of last resort.  If he doesn’t show some signs of life in the next few weeks, the next time he gets benched might be a permanent move.
  • The Story: Brian Fuentes is pulling for Trevor Hoffman.   The Monkey Says: Hoffman is having a terrible season, but Fuentes has his back, after all, crappy closers always stick together.
  • The Story: Who could be the Angels’ trade targets?   The Monkey Says: Even though it is a tongue-in-cheek piece, it is still way too early to be talking about trades for the Angels who at this point are just as likely to be sellers at the deadline as they are buyers.
  • The Story: The Sporting News released their annual ranking of the Top 50 players.   The Monkey Says: I didn’t have any real beef with the list until I saw #46 was John Lackey who is having a fairly poor season.  That he is on the list and Jered Weaver isn’t is an absolute traveshamockery.  I’m not saying Weaver is definitely a top 50 player, but I know that he is currently much better than John Lackey.
  • The Story: Bobby Abreu is founding a new charity, Abreu’s Amigos.   The Monkey Says: Abreu actually is re-launching the charity which was once a big success during his days in Philadelphia.  No doubt it should thrive in the OC as well.
  • The Story: The All-Star parade’s route through Anaheim has been unveiled.   The Monkey Says: Naturally, it ends in Disneyland which makes me die just a little bit inside.  Will the Angels ever be free from the clutches of their former, ineffective owners?
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