Halo Headlines – 6/29/10

  • The Story: Adam Dunn in and Mike Napoli out for the Angels?   The Monkey Says: That is the latest Angel trade rumor even though it makes no sense.  Dunn is technically a first baseman, but he really only plays one on TV and might be the worst defensive first baseman in baseball making him a very poor fit for what the Angels are looking for.
  • The Story: Mike Scioscia trusts Scot Shields.   The Monkey Says: Sosh used to actually, but Shields has since fallen out of favor until the Angels’ last game and even then I think he was only used because the rest of the bullpen was so badly overworked earlier in the week.  However, we could be seeing more of Shields soon now that it looks like Francisco Rodriguez is falling apart and Jason Bulger is still on the DL.
  • The Story: Jered Weaver revisited.   The Monkey Says: Compliments about an Angel player from Dave Cameron?  I don’t believe it.
  • The Story: Trevor Reckling left his recent start with an arm injury.   The Monkey Says: Trevor had just been demoted to Double-A, so now the news that he might be hurt has to be particularly alarming.
  • The Story: An interview with prospect Michael Kohn.   The Monkey Says: Michael talks about his new slider that he is using this year and the results have been stellar.  He is mowing his way through the minors and already earned a promotion to Triple-A and if he keeps it up, the Angels might have no choice but to consider giving him a shot at the majors before long.
  • The Story: Ruthe Rosen will represent the Angels as the People All-Star.   The Monkey Says: Congrats to Ruthe who receives the honor based on community service provided.+
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