Halo Headlines – 6/30/10

  • The Story: Torii Hunter gives Texas its due as a contender.   The Monkey Says: I’m sure this is just Torii trying to give the Rangers a false sense of confidence… or at least it better be or Torii is going to have some ‘splaining to do.
  • The Story: Jered Weaver is the Angels’ “hidden” All-Star.   The Monkey Says: I know the Angels are short on All-Star candidates, but if Jered Weaver, the MLB leader in strikeouts and a real Cy Young contender, is actually flying under anyone’s radar, those people need to get themselves some new radar.
  • The Story: Hank Conger has been added to the MLB Futures Game.   The Monkey Says: It is a nice honor for Hank, but even with this accolade he is going to need to step his game up a notch if he wants a shot at taking over at catcher for the Angels next season.
  • The Story: Mike Trout is now the third highest rank player in the minors according to Keith Law.   The Monkey Says: Trout is flying up everyone’s boards (and you can thank me for avoiding the obvious “swimming upstream” joke) with his stellar performance in Single-A Cedar Rapids.  I think it is high time the Halos upped the challenge level for him and promoted him to either High-A Rancho Cucamonga or maybe even Double-A (and not the majors as Law joked).
  • The Story: Vladimir Guerrero gets a rousing ovation in his return to Anaheim.   The Monkey Says: And deservedly so.  It is nice to see that the Angel fans harbor no ill feelings over Vlad leaving and, more importantly, Guerrero holds no grudge over the Angels letting him go.
Garrett Wilson

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