Halo Headlines – 8/11/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Simers and Bisheff unleash the Scioscia hate, Mike Trout might be called up in 2011, Hunter dying to get back to work and much more.

The Story: Steve Bisheff has some questions for Mike Scioscia.

The Monkey Says: I like Bisheff’s work usually, but literally none of his points make any sense.  In fact, they are so poorly thought out and argued that I wonder if he really did just write it out of frustration.  The Scioscia hate party is only just getting started, get ready for some more in just one second.

The Story: TJ Simers isn’t digging Mike Scioscia or the Angels and the hole they have dug for themselves.

The Monkey Says: Excuse my french, but what an asshole Simers is being here.  Scioscia is now the “Control Freak” because he refuses to throw his team under the bus in the media?  That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.  Managers are always going to protect their players, especially during the season.  Maybe if Simers actually watched an Angel game instead of making up clever nicknames for everyone, he would see that Scioscia may praise his players in the press, but hasn’t hesitated to sit a player like Hideki Matsui who is struggling even if Sosh won’t say so into a microphone.  Let’s just say I am glad Simers only writes a handful of Angel articles per season.

The Story: There is a rumor that the Angels might be ready to promote prospect sensation Mike Trout to the majors as early as next season.

The Monkey Says: That is absolutely crazy.  There just isn’t a need to rush him like that and risk setting back his progress.  They kid literally just turned 19 and hasn’t even played half of a season of High-A ball yet.  Lousy teams in need of attendance might be inclined to promote a prospect like Trout in order to generate buzz (and therefore revenue), but the Angels don’t have that problem and certainly won’t want to try and contend for a World Series while coddling a teenager on the roster.

The Story: Torii Hunter is dying to get back to work.

The Monkey Says: He has the sound of a guy who is hungry and rested (finally) after sitting the last four games tonight.  I wouldn’t be shocked if he uses his recharged batteries to go on a tear right out of the gate starting tonight.

The Story: Could Jordan Walden be the next Angel reliever called up to the bigs?

The Monkey Says: Walden was once considered the top prospect in the system, but he has been held back by arm issues and is now converted to a reliever.  He can hit triple-digits on the radar gun, but he still has some command issues he needs to work on, so I feel like a promotion to the bigs might be a little bit premature.

The Story: The Angels may not be able to sign top pick Kaleb Cowart.

The Monkey Says: Cowart was known to be a signing risk when drafted, so this is no shock.  They have less than a week to sign him, so this one should definitely go down to the wire, but I suspect Arte Moreno’s deep pockets will win out in the end.

The Story: Trevor Bell will have his next start skipped and shift to the bullpen.

The Monkey Says: A curious move that certainly smacks of the Angels still trying to win the division.  Bell hasn’t been that good, but he hasn’t been a liability either.  There is a chance that he may never return to the rotation as Matt Palmer is getting stretched out in Triple-A right now as a potential replacement.

The Story: Peter Bourjos lauds the mentoring he has received from Bobby Abreu and Torii Hunter.

The Monkey Says: It is nice to see that the veterans are taking the kid under their wing, especially since his arrival has forced both of them to change positions.

The Story: Being traded to the Angels made Dan Haren’s dream come true.

The Monkey Says: We were told Haren grew up an Angel fan and this column proves that beyond a reasonable doubt.  Hopefully Moreno will take him up on the offer to stay with the Angels forever.

The Story: Jeremy Moore is having a breakthrough season in Double-A Arkansas.

The Monkey Says: Moore has plenty of tools and potential but never really been that impressive.  Hopefully this won’t turn out to be just a fluke season from a great athlete.

The Story: Closer Mike Gonzalez has been put through waivers by the Orioles.

The Monkey Says: Gonzalez is due $1.7 million the rest of the season and $6 million more next season and the article speculates that anyone willing to take on his salary could have him for free.  I think it would be a worthwhile gamble for the Halos to pick him up.  He has been slowed by injury this season, but was very good in previous years.  Plus, the Angels could either have him compete to be closer or use him instead as left-handed setup man to pair with Fernando Rodney.  Adding a quality southpaw to the pen next year should certainly be a priority for Tony Reagins, so why not just cross that off the checklist now?

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