Halo Headlines – 8/12/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Hunter is back but now the lineup is overcrowded, Haren adds durability to the rotation, reviewing potential closers of the future and much more.

The Story: Hunter’s return creates a crowded situation.

The Monkey Says: It most certainly does.  Juan Rivera is definitely getting the shaft as a result despite the fact that he is hitting well right now and Hideki Matsui isn’t.  There is also a growing crowd at first base with Howie Kendrick playing there on a semi-regular basis now, often resulting in Mike Napoli being left on the bench.  The easiest solution here is to either trade or release Hideki Matsui, move Rivera DH most days with Napoli DHing on others, allowing both players to get the extra ABs that they deserve right now.  I just don’t know if the Angels are willing to do that and give up the Japanese market revenue that having Godzilla creates.

The Story: Dan Haren adds to the Angels rotation durability.

The Monkey Says: In trading for Haren, the Angels used the oldest trick in the book for fixing a bad bullpen: get more starters that go deep into games so you don’t have to use said bullpen.

The Story: Who will close for the Halos in 2013?

The Monkey Says: 2013?  What about 2011?  With Fuentes poised to be a free agent, the heir apparent is either Fernando Rodney or Kevin Jepsen.  I like Jepsen, but am not sold he is ready for the gig just yet and Rodney definitely isn’t good enough.  Unfortunately, the free agent market at closer is pretty thin too, so this will be a storyline worth monitoring as we head into the off-season.

The Story: Scouting Director Eddie Bane is confident that Kaleb Cowart will get signed.

The Monkey Says: It still is probably going to go down the wire, which is 9 pm on Monday, so stay tuned.

The Story: Met closer Francisco Rodriguez has been arrested for assaulting his father-in-law.

The Monkey Says: WOW.  K-Rod could be in deep trouble here as it sounds like his father-in-law was hospitalized as a result of the incident.  As if things could get even worse for the Mets.

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