Halo Headlines – 8/13/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Bourjos impressing with his speed, still hopeful of a Cowart signing, when ballpark promotions go wrong and much more.

The Story: Peter Bourjos is quickly making an impression with his speed.

The Monkey Says: That is great and all, but Bourjos shouldn’t become too reliant on just his wheels as so many speedsters have in the past (see Joey Gathright, Tom Goodwin, etc.).  He looks like he has the work ethic and dedication to keep working on his game though, so the Angels should be hopeful of having him having a bright future.

The Story: Brian Fuentes silences the boos of the fans.

The Monkey Says: The dirty little secret of the second half for the Angels is that Fuentes has been lights out.  I still don’t think they will pick up his option or keep him around as a closer, but if he is willing to re-sign to a lesser salary to serve as a setup man, then Tito might just stay in Anaheim after all.

The Story: The Angels like their chances of signing Kaleb Cowart.

The Monkey Says: Cowart watch carries on and the news sounds more and more promising.  This article also confirms that the Angels still intend to user Cowart as a third baseman rather than a pitcher.

The Story: The “Steal Third” promotion at Angels Stadium goes horribly wrong.

The Monkey Says: It is a super slow news day, so you get to watch a little kid break his arm instead.  Enjoy.

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