Halo Headlines – 8/16/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Wood ordered to play winter ball, Adenhart’s killer tries to get charges reduced, Halos still think Cowart will sign and much more.

The Story: The drunk driver who killed Nick Adenhart and two others tried to get his murder charge reduced, but failed.

The Monkey Says: This is why I could never be a lawyer, because this attorney clearly is just doing their job, but is trying to help some scumbag skate despite being so obviously guilty and reckless.

The Story: The Angels want Brandon Wood to play winter ball in the Domincan Republic this off-season.

The Monkey Says: This news shows that they haven’t given up on Wood yet, but if they really want him to get at-bats, why not give him the occasional start?  It isn’t like they have anything to lose.

The Story: Brandon Wood is working on a new batting stance.

The Monkey Says: Again, if he needs to work on it, he needs at-bats.  Just play the man.  That being said, I don’t think his stance is the problem.  The vast majority of his problems are mental, not physical or mechanical.

The Story: The Angels still believe they will sign top pick Kaleb Cowart.

The Monkey Says: We’ll see how well they really know the situation shortly as the deadline to sign is tonight, otherwise they lose Cowart forever.

The Story: Scott Kazmir showed no additional signs of fatigue after his start.

The Monkey Says: The team is handling Kaz with kid gloves right now, but it looks like he will still make his next start unless he doesn’t bounce back from his last outing as quickly as normal, but that seems unlikely right now.

The Story: Alberto Callaspo has been a low-impact addition thus far.

The Monkey Says: Callaspo is definitely off to a slow start in his Angel career, but I don’t think he was ever really expected to be a high-impact offensive player.  He showed some signs of life over the weekend, so maybe he is finally feeling comfortable and ready to show the fans why the Halos traded for him.

The Story: Maicer Izturis is living by Omar Vizquel’s lessons.

The Monkey Says: There are a lot worse guys for Izturis to be taking lessons.  It is always good to hear stories like this about a veteran who takes a youngster under his wing and keeps tabs on him even after they have long since parted ways.

The Story: “Black Magic” Santana has made a devil out an Angel blogger.

The Monkey Says: The title isn’t great, but the analysis is and offers some real insight into how Ervin Santana is starting to find some success and consistency that he might actually be able to carry on into the future.

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