Halo Headlines – 8/17/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Abreu named AL Player of the Week, Kaleb Cowart signs with the Angels, Roenicke’s could get a manager job this winter and much more.

The Story: Bobby Abreu was named AL Player of the Week.

The Monkey Says: Abreu had a hit in every game this week as well as a huge series against KC to start the week, including a game-winning walk-off home run.

The Story: The Angels were able to sign top pick Kaleb Cowart to a contract.

The Monkey Says: They ended up beating the deadline by several hours, so good for them.  Cowart is set to get a $2.3 million bonus and should be seen playing third base (not starting pitcher as some news outlets have suggested) for the Angels rookie league team soon.

The Story: This winter might be Ron Roenicke’s time to get a manager’s job.

The Monkey Says: It is pure speculation, but with Bud Black turning the Padres around this year and Joe Maddon leading the Rays to the post-season again (most likely), teams are sure to want to raid the Scioscia coaching tree with Ron Roenicke being the top prize (and Mickey Hatcher being the booby prize).

The Story: Who will be the Angels’ closer in 2011?

The Monkey Says: A legit question with no obvious answer.  I suspect the team’s next close will come via trade as the Halos look to conserve payroll so that they can make a big run at Carl Crawford.

The Story: The Angels bullpen is showing signs of life.

The Monkey Says: It is, largely because of Brian Fuentes’ resurgence.  However, the relief corps is still an area that Halos must address this off-season if they want to be a contender again.

The Story: A critique of Peter Bourjos’ highlight reel so far.

The Monkey Says: Not all of the clips are of Bourjos in the field, but of the catches featured, it is hard to believe that a player that has been in the league for such a short time already has such a nice little collection of work.

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