Halo Headlines – 8/18/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Scioscia staying patient with Bourjos, Bobby Wilson draws high praise, would the Angels bring back K-Rod and much more.

The Story: Mike Scioscia is staying patient with Peter Bourjos.

The Monkey Says: There really is little reason for the Angels to be impatient with Bourjos.  He isn’t hitting much at all right now, but that was a known risk when they called him up.  Halo management is fully committed to the kid and love what he has already done for them defensively.  That he hasn’t done much in the batter’s box so far is just a minor inconvenience, especially since he has only had 42 MLB plate appearances to try and adjust to big league pitching.

The Story: Catching up with the Angels’ 2010 draft class.

The Monkey Says: It is way too early to judge any of these kids, but there is no breakout position player star a la Mike Trout, or even anyone close.  Pitching wise though, (small sample size warning) Daniel Tillman looks like he could be special.

The Story: Scioscia has high praise for Bobby Wilson.

The Monkey Says: This is probably just typical Scioscia media optimism, but the more he falls in love with Wilson, the sooner we might finally be rid of Jeff Mathis, and that is just fine by me.

The Story: Could the Angels bail out K-Rod?

The Monkey Says: My head says it isn’t a bad idea since his contract might be voided by the Mets and his attitude issues could mean he would be available at a steep discount.  However, the stomach ulcer I still ahve from watching him close games for the Angels for four years says no, and emphatically so.

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