Halo Headlines – 8/24/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Scioscia lauds Joe Maddon, Bell could have his next start skipped, the legend of Bourjos continues to grow and much more.

The Story: Mike Scioscia lauds Joe Maddon’s work with the Rays.

The Monkey Says: Even though they are now competitors, the Scioscia coaching tree still has strong roots.  With the success both Maddon and Bud Black have had this year, don’t be at all surprised if teams come knocking on Ron Roenicke’s door this off-season to fill their managerial void.

The Story: The Angels might skip Trevor Bell’s next turn in the rotation.

The Monkey Says: They have a day off and can thus afford to do so.  Even if they choose not to, Bell should probably be replaced in the rotation in the very near future as he simply hasn’t been any good in that role this year.

The Story: Former Mets GM Steve Phillips rates Mike Scioscia as one of the best managers in baseball.

The Monkey Says: I’m not sure that is a good thing as Phillips has always struck me as being a complete moron.  Need proof?  Review his trade history with the Mets as well as his slumpbuster of a choice for a mistress.  Yikes.

The Story: Peter Bourjos’ defense is so good, he really doesn’t even have to hit.

The Monkey Says: File this under “The legend of Bourjos continues to grow.”

The Story: A look at just how the ownership stakes in the Angels are distributed.

The Monkey Says: It looks confusing, but rest assured that Arte Moreno owns a vast majority of the team with the minority interests being divvied up amongst former business partners of the billboard king of Arizona.

The Story: Check out the 2008-2009 financial statements for the Angels.

The Monkey Says: I got a C+ in accounting in college, so I am not about to try and break these things down, other than to say the Halos appear to make a comfy profit.

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