Halo Headlines – 8/3/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Bourjos’ troublesome minor league splits, waiver wire trade candidates for the Halos, the Rangers might be in trouble and much more.

The Story: Inside the split of Peter Bourjos and other top Angel prospects playing for the Salt Lake Bees.

The Monkey Says: Salt Lake and many other stadiums in the PCL are extremely hitter friendly, so this is very helpful analysis and Smith has used the same analysis before to signal a potential problem with Brandon Wood.  Peter Bourjos certainly looks like he could be victim to the same radical split issue, but his sample size is relatively small and, frankly, I don’t think anyone was ever really counting on him having a lot of power anyway.

The Story: Potential players from the Angel roster that could clear waivers to be traded.

The Monkey Says: I like that Scot Shields is listed, as if anyone would want him.  Bobby Abreu makes this list too, but I really doubt the Angels would consider moving him despite his underachieving season.  They simply appreciate his leadership and work as a hitting mentor too much.

The Story: A Rangers beat writer thinks the Rangers could be in for some trouble down the stretch.

The Monkey Says: Even he admits though that he is reacting to just one series worth of play, but the major slump of Vladimir Guerrero is no fluke and he doesn’t even mention that Ian Kinsler s on the DL again.

The Story: Brandon Wood tries to remain upbeat.

The Monkey Says: Tony Reagins is quoted in the article as saying that the team won’t consider trading Brandon Wood, but that sounds very much like a bluff aimed at trying to keep some sort of leverage on the Angels’ side in a potential Wood deal.  I fully expect Wood to be shopped heavily this off-season.

The Story: Brandon Wood is listed as one of the worst players in baseball for 2010.

The Monkey Says: Salt meet wound.  Wound meet salt.

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