Halo Headlines – 8/31/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Napoli didn’t get traded, Napoli wants back in the lineup, evaluating Rodney by inning and much more.

The Story: The Red Sox and Angels failed to agree on a trade for Mike Napoli.

The Monkey Says: That means Naps is going to finish the year as an Angel; beyond that, all bets are off.  With as little playing time as he is receiving, it seems pretty clear that Napoli isn’t considered a big part of LAA’s future, so expect the trade chatter around him to pick up this off-season.

The Story: Mike Napoli just wants back in the lineup.

The Monkey Says: Mike Scioscia keeps talking like Napoli is an everyday player, but he seldom plays more than two days in a row anymore.

The Story: Fernando Rodney historically pitches better in the ninth inning.

The Monkey Says: The stats say, but Scioscia says no to that claim.  I tend to agree with Sosh though and feel like the statistical difference is just a fluke.  His ERA by inning shows a big difference, but his strikeout rate is virtually the same while his OPS allowed and walk rate are only slight improvements in the ninth.  To me though, I just don’t see how the inning would dictate just how well he pitches.  The pressure of the situation is a more interesting measure (as the ninth inning isn’t necessarily pressure-packed).  When you look at his leverage splits, his high leverage numbers are a good bit worse than his medium leverage numbers, though eerily similar to his low leverage numbers.  To sum up, I think I just confused myself, but I still think Rodney sucks and shouldn’t be closing anyway.

The Story: Remembering the “Yes, We Can” Angels.

The Monkey Says: Yeah, I’m 29, so I don’t remember them.  I was just an itch in my dad’s Fruit of the Looms back in 1978.

The Story: Check out Kobe Bryant visiting the Angels this last weekend.

The Monkey Says: That has to really chap the asses of Dodger fans, I bet.

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