Halo Headlines – 8/4/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Hunter volunteered to move to right field, Kazmir could be pitching for his Angel career, the best might be yet to come for the Halos and much more.

The Story: It was Torii Hunter’s idea to move to right field to make way for rookie Peter Bourjos.

The Monkey Says: I don’t know if I actually believe that, but I do believe that Hunter was certainly heavily consulted in the matter.  Hunter should absolutely be commended for his willingness to sacrifice for the team like this, especially since he takes so much pride in his defensive prowess.

The Story: RP Bobby Cassevah was demoted to Triple-A to clear a roster spot for Peter Bourjos.

The Monkey Says: This was expected, but we could see Cassevah again soon during September call-ups.

The Story: Sabermetricians like the idea of moving Torii Hunter to right field.

The Monkey Says: The UZR metric has been hating on Hunter for years, so the stat heads out there are certainly rejoicing.  Ironically, as much as these metrics make the Angels seem smart, I highly doubt they even came into play in the decision making process seeing how the Halos have long been reluctant to embrace advanced statistics.  I think this move was predicated much more on trying to preserve Hunter’s energy and body.  Anybody can see how tired and fatigued he has seemed since the All-Star break.  Having him shift to a corner outfield spot will definitely help ease the physical burden, though I wouldn’t be too shocked to see him log some time at DH this year either.

The Story: Scott Kazmir could be pitching for his Angel career once he is activated from the disabled list.

The Monkey Says: The statement is pretty damning since it comes from an Angel front office source.  Releasing Kazmir seems extreme, but it is a move the Angels have never been afraid to make.  That being said, I can’t imagine they will really want to give up on him so quickly without at least seeing if he can’t get his act together over an off-season.

The Story: Matt Palmer could be ready to return to the big leagues.

The Monkey Says: Palmer has been pretty lights out since ending his rehab assignment and being optioned to Salt Lake.  However, he has only just now started getting stretched out to be a starter, his most likely role if he is to return before September.  But with the nice outing Trevor Bell had yesterday, they may not need Palmer to join the rotation, though he is a decent insurance policy.

The Story: Brian Fuentes, Fernando Rodney and Scot Shields are among the relievers who could be had on the waiver trade market.

The Monkey Says: The Halos should actually be able to get a decent return for Fuentes since he has been death on lefties this year, though they might have to eat some of his remaining salary to make it happen.  Rodney seems unlikely to be moved though because he just isn’t that good and, counter-intuitively, is probably going to be the Angel closer next year.  As for Shields… don’t make me laugh.

The Story: The best might be yet to come for the Angels.

The Monkey Says: Scioscia’s teams have great records in August and September, but even the article admits that pattern likely means nothing other than the Halos have been lucky enough to play in a bad division that they can beat up on during the final weeks of the season.  This year, that role might be reversed.

The Story: Carlos Delgado is receiving minor league offers.

The Monkey Says: I only mention this because I have long though Delgado could be an option for the Angels if they are able to climb back into the race.  However, that is looking less and less likely, so the Angels aren’t going to waste at-bats on the ancient Delgado when they could give them to young players like Mark Trumbo.

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