Halo Headlines – 8/5/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Kazmir hoping to return this weekend, unraveling Weaver’s breakout season, Bulger and Stokes begin rehab assignments and much more.

The Story: Scott Kazmir is hoping to start versus Detroit this weekend.

The Monkey Says: It may not happen though.  Kazmir hasn’t had a real rehab start yet and there are rumors that the Angels want to see him get some live game work before adding him back into the rotation.  If Kazmir doesn’t get the start, Matt Palmer likely will, which would be great because it means the Angels might have a shot at winning the game.

The Story: Both Jason Bulger and Brian Stokes started rehab assignments in Triple-A this week.

The Monkey Says: The angels could really use Bulger right now, so hopefully he won’t take long to return, though it doesn’t seem like there is any reason to rush him back.  As for Stokes, he is almost definitely going to be held down in Salt Lake until rosters expand in September.

The Story: Joe Saunders pitched a complete game win for the Diamondbacks on Monday.

The Monkey Says: Joe is on a mission to prove the Angels made a mistake by trading him, refusing to be taken out of the game.  I’m glad for Joe, but he is going to do a hell of a lot more than beat the wimpy Nationals to make the Angels have second thoughts.

The Story: Unraveling Jered Weaver’s breakout season.

The Monkey Says: This has been written about before, with most folks focusing on Weaver’s new two-seamer, this article (from a cool new Angel-centric blog) takes a more in-depth look at Weaver’s altered pitch selection as a major contributor to his evolution.  Good stuff.

The Story: Changing positions is just part of the game.

The Monkey Says: Hunter isn’t the only awesome defender to be forced out of his position in the latter stages of his career, though I can’t imagine it offers him much solace.

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