Halo Headlines – 8/6/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Bell earns another start, Hunter admits his baserunning gaffe was just stupid, Matsui not bothered by Ozzie Guillen’s statments and much more.

The Story: Trevor Bell earned another start.

The Monkey Says: He certainly did, but the Angels don’t really have other options right now.  Scott Kazmir should be back this weekend soon though and Matt Palmer is on the comeback trail, so Bell is going to have to keep it going if he wants a third consecutive start.

The Story: Theories abound about what Torii Hunter might have been thinking with his baserunning gaffe Thursday night.

The Monkey Says: The only one that makes sense is Torii’s own theory that “it was stupid.”  Hopefully, he won’t let it happen again, because this isn’t the first time this year that he has made a major mental error trying to steal bases this year.

The Story: Hideki Matsui isn’t bothered by Ozzie Guillen’s comments about Asian players receiving preferential treatment over Latin players.

The Monkey Says: It actually sounds like Matsui even kind of agrees with him, or at least is willing to offer an explanation for the disparate treatment of the players.

The Story: The Angels are believed to have shown interest in Carlos Delgado.

The Monkey Says: Either of the Sox franchises should be considered frontrunners for his services right now, especially Boston now that Kevin Youkilis is out for the season.  Any interest the Angels might have had probably got swept away when Baltimore they got swept by Baltimore.

The Story: Rex Hudler will be back on TV temporarily.

The Monkey Says: The Wonder Dog will be joining the MLB Network studio show for a few days, but that seems like it will be it.  It sounds like this might be an audition of sorts for him, let’s all hope it goes well.

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