Halo Headlines – 9/10/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Mike Trout to play for Team USA, Fuentes might have been damaged goods, Matsui wants to play again next season and much more.

The Story: Mike Trout will play for Team USA in the Pan American Qualifying tournament.

The Monkey Says: This is a great honor for Trout and a chance for him to show that he could be ready for a big leap in class next season.

The Story: Did the Angels send the Twins damaged goods in Brian Fuentes?


The Story: Hideki Matsui’s days as an Angel are winding down but he still wants to play in the MLB next year.

The Monkey Says: Godzilla is going to have a hard time finding work next season since he is clearly just a DH and likely a platoon DH at that.  At least he has finished the season on a strong note, so he might be able to find an AL team willing to take a chance on him.  I really wouldn’t be too surprised if he wound up playing for the Mariners

The Story: Torii Hunter is realistic about the Angels’ playoff chances.

The Monkey Says: Even Torii isn’t drinking the Scioscia “we still have a chance” Kool-Aid.  You can tell from Torii’s quotes though just how frustrated he is that the team has collapsed like they have, especially since the Rangers have gone into a downward spiral themselves recently.

The Story: The Angels’ offense is sick.

The Monkey Says: You’re only just figuring that out?  Thanks a lot, Captain Obvious.

The Story: Peter Bourjos plays it fast on both sides of the ball.

The Monkey Says: Nice to see that the kid is getting some national attention and, more importantly, that nobody is freaking out over his low batting average so far.  There isn’t a lot of good going on in Anaheim right now, but Bourjos is one of the few good things worth paying attention to.

The Story: The Angels have extended their affiliation agreement through 2012 with the Double-A Arkansas Travelers.

The Monkey Says: The Halos have had success with Arkansas, but from a selfish perspective, I wish that their Double-A team was located somewhere closer to Southern California.  That won’t happen though since the three Double-A leagues are all based out East or in the South for some strange reason.

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