Halo Headlines – 9/14/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including testimony for the Adenhart case emerges, Rosenthal pontificates on the Angels’ future, Bane to interview for GM position in Arizona and much more.

The Story: The testimony of the passenger in the car that killed Nick Adenhart emerges.

The Monkey Says: Absolutely disgusting.  You can’t write a better summary of two grossly irresponsibly individuals.

The Story: Ken Rosenthal answers questions about the future of the Angels and the big picture in baseball.

The Monkey Says: Rosenthal tries to be diplomatic, but it doesn’t sound like he thinks the Angels are going to bounce back quickly next season.

The Story: Angels’ scouting director Eddie Bane will be interviewed for the vacant GM position in Arizona.

The Monkey Says: Kevin Towers is expected to get the job, but it is still interesting to see Bane popping up on the GM radar.  If he doesn’t get a job now, expect him to get some kind of big promotion from some team if/when Mike Trout hits the bigs and becomes a star like so many people think he will be.

The Story: Reviewing the top prospects in the AL West.

The Monkey Says: Calling Hank Conger “the next (cheaper-younger) Mike Napoli” might be the most accurate assessment of Conger I have seen yet.

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