Halo Headlines – 9/15/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Pineiro to start Saturday, the 2011 Angels schedule is released, the trial in Adenhart’s death begins and much more.

The Story: Joel Pineiro is officially set to be activated from the disabled list and start this Saturday.

The Monkey Says: This just confirms what was generally expected most of the week.  It will be good to see Pineiro back out there, but no matter how he pitches, Angel fans should just be happy if he gets through the rest of the season without reinjuring himself.

The Story: The 2011 Angels’ schedule has been released.

The Monkey Says: The most notable development from the schedule release is the Halos will face the Rangers in the final series of the season, which I am sure is, like, totally a coincidence and some junk (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

The Story: The trial in the death of Nick Adenhart and others began yesterday.

The Monkey Says: This is still such a depressing story and it really can’t be over with fast enough.

The Story: The Angels can’t expect the young pitchers to solve all of the bullpen’s problems.

The Monkey Says: I’m not entirely sure that is true.  Walden and Kohn have both been maturing quickly and possess very high ceilings while Rodriguez, Thompson and Cassevah all have shown an ability to be quality middle relievers.  Add them to Kevin Jepsen and Fernando Rodney and the pen really only has two problems: no lefties and that Rodney isn’t good enough to close.  They can’t do anything about that first problem, but if they have enough quality relievers, the lefty thing won’t matter.  As for the closer problem, Walden has a real shot at wresting control of the gig from Rodney if Scioscia is willing to consider that as an option.  That seems unlikely given Scioscia’s history, but at a minimum this bumper crop of rookie relievers has gone a long way towards resolving many of the issues the relief corps had earlier in the season.

The Story: The Angels have a number of former two-sport stars on the roster.

The Monkey Says: LA still needs a NFL team, so why not give it a shot with this team?  And to think, if Mike Napoli could’ve had such a different career if only Jeff Mathis had followed through on his commitment to play QB for Florida State.

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