Halo Headlines – 9/20/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Aybar’s season might be over, Reagins plans to only “tweak” the roster this off-season, Rodney really sucks and much more.

The Story: Erick Aybar’s MRI showed “something”, so he will be examined by a Dallas doctor this week.

The Monkey Says: This is the same doctor that did Torii Hunter’s sports hernia surgery last off-season, so I think it is safe to assume that Aybar has one now too.  This likely spells the end of his ultra-disappointing season.  The story also mentions that Scot Shields had an MRI that showed no problems (other than his arm is used up and needs to retire).

The Story: Tony Reagins admits there will be roster “tweaking” this off-season, but not an overhaul.

The Monkey Says: Either the OC Register is running this story once a week for the last two months or Tony has just decided to give the same interview each time he talks to the press because I feel like I’ve seen this report several times before.

The Story: Mike Napoli is bothered by a sore forearm.

The Monkey Says: One would think that this would result in Mark Trumbo actually getting playing time, but who knows what Scioscia has in mind at this point.  It sounds like Naps might not actually miss much time anyway.

The Story: Rodney’s struggles cast doubt on his role.

The Monkey Says: I should certainly hope so.  Fraudney has been simply horrendous of late and he may not even deserve to pitch in middle relief right now, much less close games.  At this point, I am even starting to kind of hope that the Halos sign Brian Fuentes in free agency again.  If that doesn’t tell you how terrible Rodney has been, I don’t know what can.

The Story: Jered Weaver is not caught up in contract thoughts.

The Monkey Says: What is there to get caught up over?  We all know he is going to get a huge raise via arbitration and we also all know there is now way in hell Scott Boras will even take a call about signing him to a long-term contract before he finishes his arbitration years.

The Story: Mike Scioscia has nothing but praise for Joe Torre.

The Monkey Says: Let’s face it, LA just isn’t big enough for two fat, Italian baseball managers, so someone had to go and, as usual, the Angel guy beat the Dodger guy.

The Story: Free agent stock watch for Hideki Matsui.

The Monkey Says: Godzilla has picked it up the last several weeks, but there really isn’t going to be many teams able to offer him a role.  I just hope the Angels aren’t one of those teams.

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