Halo Headlines – 9/22/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Morales ahead of schedule in rehab, the Yankees piss of Carl Crawford, the Angels to unveil a new logo this Friday and much more.

The Story: Kendry Morales is ahead of schedule in his recovery from a broken ankle.

The Monkey Says: It was good to see K-Mo hanging around with the team yesterday, but it’ll be a lot better to see him bashing the ball all over the place in 2011.

The Story: Carl Crawford is miffed at the Yankees.

The Monkey Says: HOORAY!!!!!!!  Crawford is pissed that the Yankees are criticizing some of his baserunning, playing right into the Angels’ hands in free agency.  No amount of money is going to make him feel better about the Yankees dissing his style of play.

The Story: The Angels will unveil a new logo and uniform this Friday.

The Monkey Says: Don’t get too worried, it sounds like all the Angels are doing is changing the halo on their Big A logo from silver to gold to commemorate their 50th anniversary.

The Story: Eddie Bane is out of the running for the Arizona Diamondbacks’ GM position.

The Monkey Says: As long expected, Kevin Towers is in line to get the job.  It at least shows how well-thought of Bane is to have just gotten an interview in the first place.

The Story: The Angels are trying out their 100-mph man.

The Monkey Says: Jordan Walden didn’t exactly have the smoothest ride to to he big leagues, but it certainly looks like he here to stay.

The Story: Alberto Callaspo is struggling with the Angels.

The Monkey Says: Callaspo certainly hasn’t set the world on fire offensively, but I have faith that he will end up working out just fine once Mike Scioscia is able to figure out what kind of offensive role he wants Alberto to play instead of moving him all over the batting order every single day.

The Story: Brandon Wood is coming around.

The Monkey Says: Wood is on the upswing in the last week, but he really didn’t have anywhere to go but up.  I still don’t think he is going to be an Angel to start the 2011 season.

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