Halo Headlines – 9/23/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Trumbo still waiting patiently, Conger earning rave reviews for his defense, closing time is coming for Walden and much more.

The Story: Mark Trumbo is patiently waiting on the bench.

The Monkey Says: It is beginning to look more and more like Trumbo is never going to a start, which is certainly perplexing, but at least he seems to be taking it all in stride.  The question I have is what the lack of playing time is going to do to his trade value, since it seems pretty clear that he isn’t in the Angels’ current plans.

The Story: Hank Conger is making up for lost time.

The Monkey Says: This may seem like a puff piece but it really is GREAT news.  Hearing that the pitchers all like working with him and think he’s a quality receiver should be all Mike Scioscia needs to hear to keep Hank on the big league roster next season as either the starting catcher or a platoon partner with Jeff Mathis or Bobby Wilson (and yes, I left Mike Napoli out of that discussion on purpose).

The Story: Closing time could come quickly for Jordan Walden.

The Monkey Says: Scioscia certainly isn’t committing to Jordan becoming the closer anytime soon, but it at least sounds like he isn’t ruling the idea out if Walden continues to pitch this well.

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