Halo Headlines – 9/8/10

Daily links for the LA Angels including Mark Trumbo to learn the outfield this off-season, Joel Pineiro says he’s ready to play, Quinlan released and much more.

The Story: Mark Trumbo will play the outfield in winter league this off-season.

The Monkey Says: The idea the Angels are putting forth here is that Trumbo is blocked by Morales at first base, but I still think he is mainly being used as trade bait, in which case, adding positional versatility can only increase his value, especially since he is considered a below average defender (at best) at first base.

The Story: Joel Pineiro felt good after throwing a simulated game on Tuesday.

The Monkey Says: Pineiro believes he is now ready to come off the DL, though I imagine the Angels might try and hold him back for another turn through the rotation, just to be sure.  Also, it probably isn’t a coincidence that his simulated game came on Tuesday, Trevor Bell’s day to pitch, suggesting the Halos are lining him up to take over Bell’s slot in the rotation.

The Story: The Angels have release utilityman Robb Quinlan.

The Monkey Says: Q has spent most of the season in the minors and didn’t garner much interest on the free agent market last winter, so he might be looking at the end of the road now.  However, I wouldn’t put it beyond the Angels to invite him to Spring Training again next year.

The Story: Torii Hunter is the Angels’ nominee for the Roberto Clemente Award.

The Monkey Says: This really isn’t even news because Hunter is a lock to get the nomination every year.  Be sure to vote for him since the fans can help sway the voting this year.

The Story: A look at the Minor League Equivalency Numbers for Mark Trumbo and Hank Conger.

The Monkey Says: Conger’s numbers were more better than I expected, though not anything impressive.  As for Trumbo, I think maybe we all understand now why he wasn’t called up earlier in the year.

The Story: Looking ahead at the Angels’ 2011 rotation.

The Monkey Says: Barring an unexpected trade, the Halos have one of the more stable rotations in the big leagues.  The only real question mark is Scott Kazmir, but he is certain to start the season in the rotation just to see if the Angels can salvage him.  If Kazmir fails, Trevor Bell seems like he is ready to step in.

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