My Angel Blogger Resolutions for 2010

It’s a new year, in case you didn’t notice, and with a new year comes everyone making resolutions (which is typically followed by everyone breaking those resolutions).  Because I don’t want to be left out of the fun (all the cool kids are doing it), here are my resolutions for 2010.  But rather than wasting time on resolutions in my personal life (like I am really going to lose weight, please), I’m focusing on those that will make me a better Angel blogger:

New Years 2010

  • Stop bashing Scioscia for playing Maicer Izturis so much.  I have been pretty hard on Sosh for relying on Izzy so much over the last few season, but Maicer really proved me wrong last season.  So even though he is bound to steal deserving playing time from Howie Kendrick and provided undue pressure on Brandon Wood to perform, I am not going to make a peep about it because after 2009, Izturis now gets my benefit of the doubt.
  • Lead the movement to find a better nickname for Kendry Morales.  If he is really going to be the focal point of the Angel line-up for the foreseeable future, then he has to get a better nickname than K-Mo which is just so 2002.  I kind of like Bam-Bam but that was originated by Rex Hudler and it seems disrespectful to take the nickname created by a guy who just got fired.  I am fully open to suggestions and will be happy to champion any nickname that is truly deserving.
  • I need to find a new favorite Angel.  My former fave, Darin Erstad, left me years ago and I think I am ready to love again.  I flirted with Howie Kendrick, but that whole demotion thing really turned me off.  Torii Hunter seems nice, but do I really want to commit to someone that old?  Kendry Morales is clearly attractive but doesn’t have much of a personality.  This is going to be a tough choice and it would probably help if I didn’t continue with this girlfriend analogy.
  • Try to be nicer to Juan Rivera.  Sure, he is the very definition of unclutch, grounds into one double play per week and hasn’t dove for a ball in the outfield since he was twelve years old, but at least he got rid of the frosted tips, right?
  • Juan Rivera

    Who will I hate now?  Oh, right, the bullpen.

  • Buy stock in whatever company that makes Tums.  With the Angel bullpen being led by Brian Fuentes and Fernando Rodney (who in a sub-resolution of this one will henceforth be known exclusively as Frodney as in Fraud-ney), I have the feeling that Angel fans (myself included) are going to be eating Tums like M&Ms in the late innings this season.
  • I really need to stop burning John Lackey jerseys in effigy.  Not only is the cost of the jerseys really starting to add up, but all that smoke can’t possibly be good for the atmosphere.
  • Actually go to an Angels game this year.  Shameful, I know, but I didn’t make it to a live game last season.  I even had tickets to a game but had to give them up.  So what if I have a wife and a newborn baby.  I need to get my priorities straight.
  • Shamelessly self-promote myself and this blog more because just being awesome isn’t good enough anymore.  With that, please feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed, become a fan on Facebook and definitely follow me on Twitter (@MonkeyWithAHalo).  Oh, and tell your friends.
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