Series Rewind: All Abreu All the Time – Angels Sweep the Royals

An Angel series sweep of the Royals in which it was all Abreu all the time.

Game 1 – Angels 6, Royals 4

Game 2 – Angels 3, Royals 1

Game 3 – Angels 2, Royals 1

Los Angeles Angels of AWESOMENESS

  • Was that a squeeze play we saw on Tuesday night?  For a minute there, this team actually looked like its old self again.  I know the Halos have been trying to bring more power to their lineup, but being aggressive and forcing the action with their speed and smallball play needs to be reintegrated into their lineup.  I think that squeeze play be Bourjos shows that they are trying to do that, as does their five attempted steals in the series.
  • It was about time the Halos helped Dan Haren get his first win as an Angel which also doubled as his first victory since June 12th (yikes!).  The win was actually pretty impressive too because Danny clearly didn’t have his best stuff in that game, yet he still managed to limit the Royals to just one run on five hits and a walk.
  • This might sound crazy, but after seeing Brian Fuentes pitch three this series, including a lights out appearance today, might the Halos actually consider re-signing him this off-season?  His team option is far too rich to pick up, but he has been highly effective for nearly two months now.  If he is making, say, $6 million next year and not guaranteed the closer job, he suddenly goes from being a liability to a real asset.  There is still time left for him to prove this idea to be stupid, but as of right now, I wouldn’t be upset if Tito was brought back at a paycut next season (especially if the only real alternative at closer in 2011 is Fernando Rodney).
  • They say that athletes are dumb, but I think this photo proves that the Angels learned from their mistakes.  No more post-walk-off win injuries for this team.

Los Angeles Angels of FAIL

  • Even though they won the series, I’m glad the Angels don’t have to play Kansas City again, simply because it means no longer having to hear Victor Rojas trip over the name “Kila Ka’aihue.”  I’m pretty sure Victor said that name eleven different ways over the course of three games.
  • Is the Angel offense allergic to providing run support for Jered Weaver?  He pitched an absolute gem today but didn’t even factor into the decision.  This now marks 10 straight starts that the Angels have scored four or fewer runs when Weaver was the starting pitcher.
  • The run scoring problem isn’t exclusively limited to Weaver though.  As great as this sweep was, don’t let it be forgotten that the Halos scored a mere 11 runs in the three games.  Against a more formidable opponent, that could easily have meant a series loss instead of a series win.
  • How does Juan Rivera not pinch-hit for Jeff Mathis with the winning run in scoring position in the bottom of the ninth and two outs?  What is the point of carrying three catchers if you don’t pinch-hit for the one who is the worst hitter in the major leagues?  To think, I just defended Scioscia and his lineup choices earlier today.  Don’t I feel like a fool.
  • One problem with these day games is that I have to be at work doing my real job, which means I need to “watch” the games on MLB Gameday.  This can sometimes be confusing, like in the ninth inning when I saw B. Wood enter the game for a Torii Hunter at-bat.  I nearly fell out of my office chair in shock that Scioscia was pinch-hitting Brandon Wood for Torii Hunter in a tied game.  Mercifully, I had just misread the update and B. Wood, which was Blake Wood, not Brandon Wood, was just coming in to relieve Greinke.  Phew!

Halo Hero of the Series

July 15, 2010 - Anaheim, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES - epa02249916 Anaheim Angels Bobby Abreu stands sfely on second base after hitting an RBI double the first inning against the Seattle Mariners at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, USA, 15 July 2010.

I think the leadoff job is suiting Bobby Abreu just fine, thank you very much (Steve Bisheff).  Bob Kelly drove in five of the eleven Angel runs this series and scored five times as well, add in a walk-off homer and this is one of the easiest Halo Heros I’ve ever had to pick.  And to think, people actually wanted Tony Reagins to trade Abreu away as recently as a week ago.

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