Series Rewind: Angels Finally Win a Series – Halos Take Two of Three From Seattle

An Angel series win over the Mariners in which the Halos finally win a series by taking advantage of the lowly Mariners.

Game 1 – Angels 5, Mariners 3

Game 2 – Mariners 3, Angels 1

Game 3 – Angels 4, Mariners 2

Los Angeles Angels of AWESOMENESS

  • We did it!  The Angels finally won a series!!  After dropping five consecutive series, the Halos came up big(?) by defeating the Seattle Mariners.  And yes, that still counts, even if the Mariners are the one team in baseball with an even more pathetic lineup than the Angels right now.
  • Much to my surprise, Trevor Bell turned in his second straight quality start.  Granted, the level of opposition in those starts hasn’t exactly been stellar, but Bell is finally showing some real signs of progress.  Command has been a real problem for Bell, but he walked just one batter in his Baltimore start and didn’t issue a single free pass this Wednesday.  I’m still not sure what kind of ceiling Bell really has, but he is at least starting to make a compelling case for him to have some kind of role on the big league roster in 2011.
  • Right before the series started, Angel fans finally got their wish: Brian Fuentes is no longer the closer.  Now, that gig goes to Fernando Rodney who successfully saved his first two chances.  Those saves weren’t without some drama and there is sure to be more closing drama to come from him, but at least try and enjoy this little honeymoon period while you can.

Los Angeles Angels of FAIL

  • Really, the Angels still can’t give any run support to Dan Haren?  Danny went toe-to-toe with King Felix and should have come out on top, but all he got was one stinking run.  That 12-run outburst the batters gave Haren in his last start is now nothing more than a brutal tease.  Maybe in 2011, Danny.
  • Of course, that one run would have held up for Haren had Kevin Jepsen not imploded in relief, a development that proved painful on two levels.  The most obvious level being that the Angels lost a game they should have won and subsequently a shot at a sweep.  The less obvious level is that Jepsen is making me look bad.  Ever since Fuentes was traded, I have been championing Jepsen as the best option at closer instead of Fernando Rodney and his allergy to throwing strikes.  But Kevin’s disastrous appearance served as a stark reminder that while he is usually very good, when he isn’t good, he is really, really bad.  Jepsen has allowed runs in 13 appearances this season, but he has allowed two or more runs in seven of those appearances.  That kind of volatility is going to make it awfully hard for Jepsen to earn Mike Scioscia’s trust.
  • Let it be noted that on September 1, 2010 Peter Bourjos made his first career major league error.  When will the next one be?  Possibly never, especially if the Mayans are right and the world ends in 2012.
  • Torii Hunter may have had three hits in this series, but he needs to some time off.  Even though the season is functionally over, Hunter is once again pressing big time at the plate to try and make something happen, overswinging in an obvious and painful fashion whenever he has a chance to drive in a run (which hasn’t happened since AUGUST 11th!!!!!).  If you really want to get to the heart of the Angels’ offensive issues the last few weeks, look no further than the actual heart of the order, Torii Hunter.  I’m sure he’ll snap out of it soon, but maybe a little mental break would help expedite the process.

Halo Hero of the Series

Los Angeles Angels Hideki Matsui of Japan hits an RBI ground-rule double to score Torii Hunter during the second inning of their American League MLB baseball game against the Tampa Bay Rays in Anaheim, California, August 24, 2010. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

It is hard to make a much more compelling case for the Halo Hero award than hitting the go-ahead home run in both wins of the series.  Matsui just continues to quietly have a very strong finish to the season, and though it is proving to be too little too late, it was right on time to make a major impact in this series.

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