Series Rewind: How Fitting – White Sox Sweep Angels

An Angel series sweep at the hands of the White Sox in which Chicago brought the Angels’ official elimination to a fitting end.

Game 1 – White Sox 2, Angels 1

Game 2 – White Sox 6, Angels 2

Game 3 – White Sox 4, Angels 3

Los Angeles Angels of AWESOMENESS

  • Dear gawd, we have a Mark Trumbo sighting!!!  FINALLY!!!!  His 0-for-8 with five strikeouts was obviously less than ideal, but at least he is getting some at-bats finally.  Frankly, I’m not surprised he struggled since he really hasn’t played in two weeks (and is whiff-prone anyway).  I’m not a Trumbo believer, mind you, but let’s at least withhold judgment on the youngster until the season is officially over.
  • Well, it was an up and down series for Hank Conger, but I ultimately think it will prove to be a positive for him.  The two throwing errors obviously aren’t going to help him win over Scioscia, but his work with the bat, hitting a double and drawing two walks, shows a great deal of promise and certainly seems to indicate that he is ready to stick in the bigs next season.
  • Jason Bulger is alive!  I was beginning to think he had fallen into a wormhole or something.  Glad to see he is still in one piece.
  • It certainly hasn’t taken Joel Pineiro long to get back into form did it?  In just his second start back, he is already going deep into games and inducing grounders by the bushel.  It’s nice to know that at least some pitchers are capable of coming off the DL without missing a beat (I think we all know who I am talking about).
  • You know what my favorite thing about this series was?  Not one start for Jeff Mathis.  More of that, please!

Los Angeles Angels of FAIL

  • It is only fitting that the Angels should be officially eliminated from playoff contention (not that there was any doubt) by the White Sox via a sweep.  After all, it was the ChiSox who kicked off the Halos’ precipitous decline just before the All-Star break.  Going into that early-July series, the Halos were 46-38 and seemed like they had finally got themselves into good position to chase down Texas.  But that wasn’t meant to be after the White Sox completed a four-game sweep of the Angels that they never really recovered from.  Now Angel fans, after this latest sweep, have just one more reason to loathe the White Sox.  At least this one doesn’t include AJ Pierzynski being a cheater.
  • What do you know?  Fernando Rodney screwed up yet again.  Excuse me while I recover from that shocking surprise.  OK, I’m all better now.  It is amazing just how disastrous his stint as close has been, isn’t it?  On the bright side, his staggering ineptitude prevented the Angels from extending their consecutive series with an extra-inning game streak.  Finally, Fraudney is good for something!
  • Everyone layoff Andrew Romine.  Yes, he had a rough series, but what do you expect from the kid?  He hasn’t played above Double-A and his season ended weeks ago, so he is probably pretty rusty since he had no reason to expect a call up.  Romine, ironically, is supposed to be valued for his defensive work, but isn’t really considered much of a prospect.  The only reason he is even playing right now is the injury situation on the Angel roster.  They were out of infielders and Romine was the best of what was left for them to call up at the given moment.  So let’s all just give the kid a break because he really is in over his head through no fault of his own.

Halo Hack of the Series

Sep 8, 2010; Anaheim, CA, USA; Los Angeles Angels starter Scott Kazmir (19) pitches during the game against the Cleveland Indians at Angel Stadium. The Angels defeated the Indians, 4-3, in 16 innings. Photo via Newscom

There really isn’t anything more bad to say about Scott Kazmir that hasn’t already been said.  He is clearly regressing again and it couldn’t possibly be more frustrating.  I’m just glad that the season is almost over, because I am this close to reinstating the Kazmir Embargo.

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