Spring Training Rewind: Week 1

Let’s take a look back at the week that was in Spring Training for the LA Angels:

3/4 vs. White Sox (4-4 Tie)


  • Joel Pineiro made his pseudo-debut for the Angels in two innings of work.  He gave up a run and three hits, but all three hits were singles and Pineiro got three groundouts (including a double play) to go with two strikeouts.  Looks to me like his sinker is already ahead of schedule.
  • Brian Stokes made an early statement in his first action as an Angel, pitching two hitless innings (though he did walk two).  His spot in the bullpen should be a given, but starting like this definitely doesn’t hurt.
  • The first Angel homer of the spring goes to Mike Napoli who hit a big opposite field blast.
  • Erick Aybar worked a walk in one of his three plate appearances as the Angels new leadoff hitter.  I’m not saying it means anything, I’m just pointing it out.


  • Three errors for the Angels.  That is why it is Spring Training, I guess.  One of the errors went to Hank Conger who is not off to a good start in terms of proving his defense is getting close to matching his bat.
  • Anthony Ortega got lit up in his two innings of work, costing the Angels the win.  We shouldn’t be too hard on Ortega since he is working his way back from an injury-riddled 2009, but after seeing him get torched like this after he got abused in his brief call-up with the Angels certainly makes me think he has a long way to go to move his name back up the Angels’ depth chart.
  • Maicer Izturis got the start at DH and was in the five-hole in the line-up.  I’m going to just cross my fingers that this is Sosh’s way of getting Maicer more at-bats in the game and not some new hare-brained batting order idea he has for his personal pet player.

3/5 vs. Rockies (7-5 Loss)


  • Maicer Izturis got his shot at batting leadoff and performed quite well, getting a hit and drawing two walks in his three plate appearances.  Mike Scioscia is smiling.
  • Robb Quinlan might have the inside track on one of the final bench spot if his two consecutive starts are any indicator.  I am not actually sure this is a highlight, but it is a for Quinlan, just not the Angels who are likely better off going with Freddy Sandoval.


  • Dammit!  Torii Hunter managed to re-injure his groin while sliding in to a base in this game.  He says he is going to be OK, but considering all the problems the same injury gave him the second half of last season, this is definitely cause for concern.
  • Two games in a row for Howie Kendrick.  He better clean that up in a hurry because we all know that Scioscia won’t hesitate to give some of Howie’s playing time to Izturis, especially if he has the excuse of a defensive upgrade.
  • Sean O’Sullivan might have already eliminated himself as a dark horse for one of the final spots in the bullpen by getting bombed for five runs in 1.1 innings of work.  I hope he renewed his lease on his apartment in Salt Lake.
  • Brian Fuentes is happy with his appearance in that he got two strikeouts, but he did still give up two hits, a walk and an earned run.  Talk about lowering the bar for your own personal goals.

3/6 @ Athletics (4-2 Loss)


  • Michael Ryan had his second straight productive outing and might start getting some talk as a dark horse for a bench spot if he keeps it up.  He does have the advantage of having some MLB experience on his resume, so it isn’t totally far-fetched.
  • Rafael Rodriguez was sharp in his debut, pitching 1.1 perfect innings in his first action of the spring.  R-Rod likely won’t break camp with the Angels, but if he keeps pitching like this, he’ll be one of the first guys called up should injury strike the Halo relievers.


  • Make it three games in a row for Howie Kendrick committing an error.  It is one thing to be a little rusty, but this is beyond that now and getting into the camp of being a real concern.
  • Jered Weaver didn’t exactly make an awe-inspiring start to the spring in his quest to be the Angel ace.  One bad spring start isn’t anything to worry about, but still, if he wants to be the top dog in the rotation he is going to have to step it up next time out.
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